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EMLED Series - ELS  

LED Down-light Luminaire
The ELS features an architectural aluminum housing designed for interior use. This sleek unit offers several mounting options and is available with a satin white or custom finish. The high light output allows for fixture spacing up to 55FT for 1FC average illumination along a 6FT path of egress. Ideal for any indoor application requiring attractive unit equipment.

EMLED Series - ELS Benefits & Features

• Housing and canopy plate from rugged extruded aluminum
• Standard satin white finish; custom paint or satin finishes available
• High power LEDs and optical lenses
• The most cost-effective emergency lighting possible
• Low power consumption and lamp life exceeding 50,000 hrs
• Power consumption 8 watts in emergency mode
• Power consumption 4 watts for night lighting or security mode
• Units provide tremendous energy savings compared to conventional lighting, up to $.50 per sq. ft. of lit are.
• Optional battery diagnostics available for all models
• Lamps are connected in parallel
• If one lamp fails, one or more lamps will continue in operation
• Universal 120/277 VAC input
• Power supply delivers regulated current and voltage to LED lamps at optimum levels to maximize lamp life




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