Emergency Driver for LED Lamps

Emergency Battery Packs/Emergency Ballast/Emergency Driver for LED Lamps
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Emergency Driver for LED Lamps  

* LED Test Switch Included

Emergency Driver for LED Lamps Benefits & Features

• Provides 180-320VDC (equals 120-230VAC) to the load during emergency mode operation.

• For use with switched or unswitched fixtures.

• Can be used with LED lamp loads of up to 20W and provide 100% lumen output.

• Universal 120-277V, 50􀀐60 Hz input.

• Charge/Power "ON" LED indicator light and push-to-test switch for mandated code compliance testing.

• Long-life, maintenance free, rechargeable NiCad battery.

• Output short/overcurrent protection: Electronic limiting, with normal operation resuming upon removal of fault.

• 90 Minute minimum emergency operating time over full temperature range.

• 24 Hour maximum battery recharge time.

Durable painted steel construction in red finish.

Provided with 2’ flex conduit.

Suitable for installation on top or in remote of the fixture.

Can be used in both switched and unswitched fixtures.


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