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Renaissance Series - Recessed Mount  

The Renaissance Series recessed mounted edge-lit exit features a recessed mounting capability for both drywall and drop ceilings. The crystal clear lens panel provides excellent light distribution, exit visibility and quick snap-in installation. The Renaissance incorporates long life, energy efficient LED lamps that reduce energy costs and eliminate routine lamp maintenance. The under five minute installation time makes it the fastest installed edge-lit exit on the market today.

Renaissance Series - Recessed Mount Benefits & Features

• Crystal clear acrylic face panel
• Mirrored or white divider provided on double face signs or single face signs that are needed with a non-clear background
• 6” letters with 3/4” stroke width
• Field-applied chevron directional indicators with pre-applied, easily removable installation template
• Red or green letters
• Steel recessed housing with plug in connectors for quick and easy trim installation
• Includes telescopic bar hangers with built-in graduated scale that extend from 14” to 24” and can be installed in any of the four sides of the housing
• The bar hangers are suitable for joist installation and come with a T-bar slot for grid ceiling installation
• Bar hanger ends are designed with a nail-in tab for initial positioning
• Vertically adjustable up to 1” to accommodate different ceiling thickness.


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