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Pinnacle Series WLPCL-C  


The WLPCL-C has a 120/277/347vac input. The maintenance free, sealed nickel cadmium batteries provide a minimum 90 minutes of emergency operation.

Pinnacle Series WLPCL-C Benefits & Features

The WLPCL-C has a 120/277/347VAC input. The maintenance free, sealed nickel cadmium batteries provide a minimum 90 minutes of emergency duration. A two stage charger and transfer system is standard. Stage 1: a cyclic charge which brings the battery voltage to a higher pre-set level than its normal float voltage. Stage 2: charger will keep a constant charging current.

The WLPCL-C series is constructed from .420” thick, heavy duty cast aluminum. Stainless steel, tamper resistant screws are standard and ensure the integrity of the battery unit. The WLPCL-C comes standard in either black or white powder coat. The WLPCL-C comes standard with an external LED status indicator and test switch. The lamp housing is constructed from a vandal resistant polycarbonate for maximum durability. CHARGER The WLPCL-C series utilizes a high-efficiency two stage charger providing a fully automatic constant charging current with low voltage disconnect protection. All components used in the circuitry are temperature compensated. The charger also has brownout and short circuit protection. Charger status is easily determined via a dual diagnostic LED display which indicates AC/ON and High Charge. An external push button test switch allows maintenance personnel to quickly determine the operational status of the unit and lamp load. BATTEERY The WLPCL-C series is designed with nickel-cadmium batteries providing a minimum emergency duration of 90 minutes. Recharge time of the battery is twenty four [24] hours. The maximum battery operating temperature is +45°C and the minimum is +10°C.




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