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EMLED Series - ELDD  

LED Recessed Luminaire
Designed for mounting heights up to 30 ft. or more, this recessed LED fixture produces over 860 lumens with dual optical lenses to produce a wide, elongated beam along the path of egress. With installed spacing of 50 ft. in a ceiling of 30 ft., an average of 1 Footcandle is easily achieved.

EMLED Series - ELDD Benefits & Features

• Emergency lighting with optional dual function operation for night or security lighting.

• Very low power consumption in optional night/ security mode. The security lighting circuit is independent of emergency lighting and may be switched manually, by an exterior photocell, or other automatic means.

• Over 50,000 hour lamp life in normal use.

• IES photometric data available for all models.

• Manufactured and tested to UL Standard 924 and NFPA Life Safety Code 101.


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