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Compact Central Lighting Inverter  

Compact Central Lighting Inverter Self-Contained, Single Cabinet
The Econosine II is specifically designed for smaller (500 to 2100 watts) emergency lighting applications, and where space is limited. By incorporating the use of new solid state electronics, this compact, economical unit can replace much larger, more expensive inverters. Superior to other designs on the market, the Econosine is self-contained with both inverter electronics and batteries in a single cabinet, and has the smallest footprint in the industry. The versatile Econosine is the ideal power choice to provide the required 90 minute emergency egress lighting for a wide variety of retail and commercial applications.

Compact Central Lighting Inverter Benefits & Features

• Very compact 23.5”W x 34.25”H x 18.25”D space-saving enclosure. Convenient front access
• Self-contained-both electronics and batteries in one cabinet
• Latest technology microprocessor controlled electronics with PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) design for true Sine Wave output
• Double Conversion, “no-break” online system powers all lamp types, including HID
• Enhanced protection against light, surges, & distrubance, etc.
• Easy to install - can be mounted on floor or against the wall
• Remote monitoring with SNMP intelligent slot and RS232 interface
• LED & LCD display for detail status & data: real time alarm silence
• Optional stand raises unit 4 ft to free-up valuable floor space


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